The Breaker Eternal Force Manga

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Synopsis of The Breaker Eternal Force Manga

Legendary Modern Murim Urban Action!!
Ha Jae, who’s contemplating death on the rooftop due to bullying. A senior appears before him and suddenly pushes Ha-Jae off?! But, he wakes up safely in the Nurse’s Office in school. Ha-Jae’s retaliation against the bullying that the delinquents have started again ends in failure…

But, Siwoon appears before him yet again and coaches Ha-Jae to defeat the delinquents in one strike using his fist.

The presence of the Murim appears hidden under what seems to be an ordinary school, and the perilous adventure to the world of Murim begins.

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The Breaker Eternal Force Manga Review

I’ve seen some bad reviews here, but please don’t take them seriously. The starting is really slow and little boring as we are introduced to a new character— Ha Jae. We don’t love him, respect him….we don’t even care if he lives or dies. So many readers got frustrated as to why he is getting so much screen time. After a few chapters he’ll go back to being a side character, don’t worry. He’s just here to remind us of the huge gap between a normal human and a murim-in. And he will be helpful from time to time. He is rescued the same way Shioon was rescued by the 9arts dragon. At that time, many years ago……reading the first few chapters of the manga I used to be frustrated…..why is such a great martial artist spending time on a bullied kid. And now that kid has grown to be a cornerstone of the Murim world. Loved the writing, the character development that Lee Shioon got.

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